Welcome to our church website and staff tab!  I'm Pastor Rich Saunders, Lead Pastor here at TR Naz.  I WAS the pastor to students and families (CrossFire Student Ministries) for over 10 years before being called to serve as lead at the start of July 2019.  Time has surely, and certainly, flown by and what a crazy, but exciting, transition this has been!!!

My wife, Tracey, who serves as leader of our Sunday morning Praise & Worship Team, and I have been married since June 18th of 2005 and have 4 kids: two boys, men now, who are grown and married (the oldest and his wife have two BEAUTIFUL little girls) and another boy, in middle school here in Three Rivers, and our daughter, and youngest, who will be joining her brother at the middle school in the Fall of 2019.

This church is our "home church", meaning this is the first church we have attended as a couple, and the first church I have EVER attended in my life.  We started coming to TR Naz in late 2004 seeking hard to make changes in our life for the better.  This church is where I "found Jesus" (He was never hiding from me) and became a believer, accepting Christ as my Savior and repenting of my sins AND where I asked to be completely filled with His Spirit (sanctification) and where I was also called into church ministry (Super Bowl Sunday, Feb 1, 2009).  To say I've had some experiences here would be a HUMONGOUS understatement!

It is an honor and privilege to be made useful by our Creator and to be allowed to come alongside this church family as they travel on the journey of faith.  I am grateful to have been able to impact so many AND thankful so many have been able to impact me.  We truly are a family here and ALWAYS looking to add more to our number!!

I like to think of Sunday's as "Reunion Sunday," where we get to see each other and share with each other our successes and our struggles and learn and grow together.  I look forward to seeing YOU here at the next reunion!

God bless and Christ on,

Pastor Rich (PR)


Hi there!  My name is Emily Compton and I love Jesus.  And, I love you!  If you're reading this, it's because you're curious about our church and who we are.  We're a bunch of people that will love you the minute we meet you.

I am the Connections Pastor here at TR Naz and supported in ministry by my amazing husband, James Compton.  Currently, I lead in Children's Ministry AND in our Young Adult Ministry, as well as serving on our foster care closet (Ellie's Closet) committee.  James serves on the Worship team (bassist) and serves as Learning Hour teacher for the young adult class along with me.  I do some other things around here, but my favorite is teaching the Word of God to others.  I enjoy teaching a lesson or concept and seeing the "light bulb" moment when God takes what I've said and makes sense of it to the listeners (hearers).  That's what His Word does; it transforms us into better versions of ourselves if we'll only read it and apply it to our daily lives.  We really are just a bunch of people learning from Him and from each other.  We're a family like that!!

My husband James and I were married in 2008 and we have a dog FULL of energy named, Waldo.  He is like our child in the absence of real ones.  I enjoy kayaking, fishing, playing golf, spending quality time with my family and friends, and being an encouragement to those God brings into my life.

I came to know Jesus Christ's saving grace when I was in middle school, but didn't really catch on to having a daily relationship with Him until my early 20's.  It was then that I also felt Him calling me into ministry.  I love Him!  He has made all the difference in my life.  And, He will make all the difference in yours, too, if you let Him!

I welcome any and all questions.  Feel free to reach out to me.  I am eager to be a help to you.  We're in this together!  No one walks alone.  God is with you.  He is for you.  Right now He has YOU on His mind... and, so do I.

Pastor Em (PEm)


This is our FAITHFUL and FEARLESS Office Manager, Deb Harrell!!  Other titles she's known by are, "office secretary," "office commander," "princess of paper," and of course, "sultan of scheduling."  Okay... okay... I made most of those up on the spot, BUT we certainly could NOT function as well as we do without her!

God's love inspires Debbie's desire to serve the members and seekers in the body of Christ.  Various life experiences make the role of Office Manager a good fit and a great opportunity for her to exercise creativity.  She welcomes your questions and can be reached via the office phone or email during the office hours of 9am to 4:30pm, Tuesday through Friday each week.

You'll also catch her each Sunday, at the reunion, praising our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as one of our sisters in the faith!!


Our faithful and hard working cleaning crew!  David Wheat and Sue Wolfe do a WONDERFUL job of taking care of the inside of the church, getting it ready for use each week.  They work so hard and ALWAYS with those smiles on their faces!  We love them and appreciate them and their tireless service to us!